2018 Loon Count

Published: Aug. 9, 2018

By Cold Stream Camp Owners' Association-- Simon Hassis photo

This year's loon count ia not quite final yet, but it loooks like 11 adult looons were observed. No chicks were seen during the count, but at least one chick has been seen on the lake since then. Look for a full report from Monique Landucci in the fall newsletter.

2018 Annual Meeting

Published: Aug. 9, 2018

By Cold Stream Camp Owners' Association

This year's annual meeting was well-attended. Members heard updates on LakeSmart, EPA Clean Water Grant progress, and other CSCOA activities. New Loon and Salmon CLub members were recognized. Check the upcoming fall newsletter for full details.

2018 Boat Parade-- A Breezy Success

Published: July 9, 2018

By Jim Fenwood

Christmas in July

Despite brisk winds this past Saturday, seven boatloads of Santas, elves, and other Christmassy characters were able to complete the voyage from Web Cove to Gray's Beach.

Participants included (boat number)

  1. Ed Brown and family
  2. Beth and Bob Enoch
  3. Joe and Sue Cyr and family
  4. The Gaetani family
  5. did not show due to dead battery (Vicki Lindquist)
  6. The Brehaut kids
  7. The Gray family
  8.  no show (the Lemays)
  9. The Garlands

The Enochs once again captured first prize, while the Browns took second place and the Grays third. While not an "official" class, the Brehauts get special ercognition for their outstanding efforts in the "Electric Propulsion" category.

Thanks to organizer Anne Hall, ice cream and clean-up crew the Cyr Family, M.C.Tom Quirk, Ski Winter, and John Gaetani. Thanks to our hawk-eyed judges. And as always, thanks to the Robinsons for the use of their beautiful beach.

2018 Bass Derby

Published: July 2, 2018

By Ski Winter

The Cold Stream Pond Camp Owners Association sponsored the 2018 Cold Stream Pond Bass Derby held this past Saturday, July 30. The event is held each year to help reduce the number of small mouth bass in the lake. Smallmouth bass are not indigenous to Cold Stream Pond and were introduced into the lake sometime before 1995 either by accident or on purpose. President of the Association, Tom Quirk and Chairman of the Derby, Ski Winter along with Jim Fenwood ran the event. Suzie Winter helped out by selling food items in the Pepsi food trailer. There were 31 entries in the derby. The participants landed a total of 455.95lbs of bass. Many bass over 3lbs in weight were brought in.

The winner of the Derby and a prize of $150.00 were Jarod and Leon Hjort with a total weight of 78.2lbs. In second place Brian and Garrett Stoyell won a prize of $100 with a total weight of 46.65lbs. In third place with a prize of $50 was Randy Rock and Whitey Fourier with a total weight of 40.75lbs.

Annual Food Sale

Published: July 2, 2018

By Cold Stream Camp Owners' Association

CSCOA members showed up early to donate and buy tasty food items and snap up Cold Stream hats, shirts, and vests. Anne Hall reports that the baked goods were all gone by 10:00 AM, netting $446. Several new members, including at least one at the Loon Club level, were recruited. Two camp owners also signed up for LakeSmart visits. In all, pproximately $2,300 was collected to be used for important projects that will help protect and improve the water quality of Cold Stream Pond. Thanks to everyone who provided goodies and helped out.

Just one question: Where were all the Whoopie Pies?

2018 CSCOA Maps Available Now

Published: July 1, 2018

By Cold Stream Camp Owners' Association

Thanks to the hard work of Julie Nadeau, Dave Sandilands, Dave Cook (and others), the newly updated 2018 CSCOA Cold Stream Pond Map will be available soon. Members are entitled to one free map. Additional copies can be purchased for $15.00. Pick up yours at the Annual Meeting on July 28.

Annual Loon Count

Published: June 11, 2018

By Monique Landucci

Monique Landucci will once again coordinate this year's loon count and is in need of additional volunteer counters. As in the past, each counter will be assigned a section of the lake and all surveys will be done at the same time on the morning of Saturday, the 21st. Contact her at moniquestuart@gmail.com or 732-3997 for more information. Last year we tallied 12 adults and 2 chicks. This year, a pair of loons were observed nesting across from the Enfield boat launch, but seem to have abandoned the nest. We'll see if they re-nest.

The analysis of the 2017 state-wide loon count is available here. The briefest summary is that the estimate for adults has stayed the same but the chick count was up for a third year in a row. This is always a good sign. Maine’s loon population is stable and our loons are nesting successfully.

Thank you all again for your help in counting our loons. We couldn’t do it without you!

Kiosk Refurbished

Published: May 30, 2018

By Cold Stream Camp Owners' Association

The information kiosk at the Enfield town boat launch got a new coat of paint recently. The bulletin board was originally erected and maintained by Steve Greenleaf and family, Thanks to the work of CSCOA volunteers Tom Quirk and Laurie Fenwood, the kiosk now can display information on both sides. Take a look there for CSCOA and LakeSmart information on one side and Maine Department of Inland Fish and Wildlife information on the other side. "Thank you", Nels Kramer for putting up new posters.

EPA 319 Watershed Grant Update

Published: May 25, 2018

By Jim Fenwood

We are now in the second and final year of implementing Cold Stream Pond Watershed Protection Grant projects. You should soon be seeing completed ditch and culvert improvements at sites around the lake. Some funding is still available for road association projects designed to improve or protect lake water quality but projects need to be submitted soon. Send a description of your proposed project to inbox@coldstreampond.com or call Jim Fenwood at 20-732-4320 before July 1.

Working with LakeSmart volunteers, several landowners will be implementing projects to benefit the lake and improve their property this summer. Grant cost-share funding is still available for a few additional camp owners. To learn how to apply for funding, contact Laurie Fenwood at lfenwood@gmail.com or 207-732-4320.


Published: May 25, 2018

By CSCOA, Photo by Benson Gray

According to Facebook posts by folks who were here to see it happen, the last of the ice went out this year on April 29. Ice-out dates back to 1950 are posted under Lake Information.

By-law Changes

Published: May 25, 2018

By Ben Smith

At the annual meeting last July, CSCOA members approved three changes to our by-laws. One redefined what constituted a quorum in order to address certain issues, and the other two dealt with proxy voting by members and directors, adding email and text messaging as acceptable means of granting proxies. View the full bylaw text here and to download a copy of a proxy form that you can send to the annual meeting if you are unable to attend.

Annual Meeting Scheduled for July 28

Published: May 24, 2018


Saturday, July 28th is the date for this year’s meeting at the Enfield Station School. The schedule will a bit different from previous years. A business and general meeting will occur first at 8:00. At 9:00, following the business meeting, we will have a potluck celebration for Teresa Thurlow who is retiring after 30+ years of service, first as Code Enforcement Officer and later as Town Manager as well. Members and non-members are invited to attend. Please bring a breakfast item to share. This is a great opportunity to visit with our Cold Stream neighbors, have discussions, hear about what the CSCOA volunteers are doing for our lake, and congratulate Teresa on her retirement.




Road Meetings Scheduled

Published: May 23, 2018


Enfield Roads—August 9, 6:00 pm, Town Office

Upper Webb Cove Road Association-- TBA

Lower Webb Cove Road Association-- TBA

Webb Cove Owners Association—August 4

Millett-Mallett Road Association-- July7, 7:00pm