WWI Veterans Memorial Rebuilt

Published: Aug. 9, 2017

By Tom Quirk

Have you have noticed that the World War II memorial has been missing from its placement next to the Town office for the past two months? It has now been replaced by a new memorial built by one of our Cold Stream Camp Owners’ Association directors, Ski Winter. The new, rebuilt sign is constructed of cedar and covered with several coats of paint to protect it from our weather. The names and words were carved with a computerized carving system. The system is called a CNC Router and Ski says he was taught how to use this by a friend of his who is a fulltime resident on Page Road - Michael Blass. Many thanks to Theresa Thurlow for having the foresight to have the memorial re-built. And thanks to Ski Winter for donating so much of his time and material to continue honoring our veterans. 

Ski has carved two other signs for our Cold Stream Pond Community: the Laing Park Sign located on the corner next to the old Enfield General Store, and the community playground sign for West Enfield, in honor of James Blanch. After carving these two signs, he was asked to rebuild the World War II Memorial as the original one was not in good repair. The original sign was built with great love and appreciation for our service members’ gift to our country. We are not sure of the year that the first sign was built or repaired, or who repaired it, but we appreciate their work. We also thank all of our veterans, not just the ones from WWII, but all who have served and given of themselves to our country and our freedom.

Ski is a summer resident living on Page Road. He has been coming to Enfield each year, June through September, since his retirement in 2006. He comes for the beauty of our lake, the friends he has made here, and also to escape the heat of Alabama in the summer! Ski’s father, Clifford M. Winter, Jr., served in the Army Air Corps and then the Air Force. Cliff served during the Korean War with two tours of duty.  He ended his career during the Vietnam War in Selma Alabama at Craig AFB.

Just as his father did, Ski feels more at home serving others. Ski has given carvings of service members for many veterans in Alabama. Earlier this summer Ski even borrowed the road rake to repair Page Road; that was an hour or two of hard raking. He did not ask for the Camp Owners Association to work on the road, but took it upon himself to make the repairs.

This sets up my thoughts about Cold Stream Pond. There are so many of our residents that give a great deal to our lake with love and care. It is time that we all think of ways that we can give back to our lake and community. As in the words of John F. Kennedy in his inaugural address: "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." We need to substitute the word Lake for the word country. Our Cold Stream Pond Community needs all of our help to continue to thrive.

2017 Loon Count Results

Published: Aug. 5, 2017

By Monique Landucci

I very much appreciate and am grateful to all the volunteers who stepped up to help out this year! We were among 850 volunteers through Audubon surveying 304 lakes and ponds across the state. I’ve received all the reports back and am sending the results to the Maine Audubon today. We had a total of 12 adult loons and 2 chicks. One of our new loon counters, Lisa Oettenger, observed the baby chicks and wrote that they looked like “tiny balls of fluff!” Adorable!!


Lisa Oettenger

Joel Deckler & Kathleen Baynes

Donne & William Chubbock

Jane Brann

Julie Nadeau

Jim & Laurie Fenwood

David & Glenda Johnston

David & Laura Cook

Melinda Goslin

Some fun loon facts…. according to Susan Gallo from Audubon, loons are great indicators of lake quality. Loons are fish eaters - they fish by sight and depend on clear, clean water to see them. A typical loon family of two adults and two chicks consumes about 900 pounds of fish each summer. Loons lay their eggs between May 15 and June 15 and the eggs hatch about a month later. One of the most asked questions about our loons is “Where do the loons go in winter when the lake is frozen?” The answer is that they follow the fish — they head to the Atlantic coast.if you would like more information about loons in Maine, check out the Audubon website

See past years counts here.

New Officers

Published: Aug. 3, 2017

By Cold Stream Camp Owners' Association

Vice President Darold Wooley presents outgoing President Dave Cook with a photo of the island in recognition of his ten+ years of service.

Tom Quirk will assume the duties of president as well as continuing in his role as Enfield Camp Road Commissioner. TJ Rogers is our newest board member.

Check back here for full meeting minutes once they are compiled.

Cold Stream Pond Watershed Protection Grant Implementation Gets Underway

Published: July 13, 2017

By Cold Stream Camp Owners' Association

Photo: Recently the Town of Enfield crew installed rocks provided by King Brothers Construction to better define and protect the vegetated buffer which helps filter run-off entering Cold Stream Pond at the Town boat launch site.

The implementation of the Cold Stream Pond Watershed Protection Project has finally begun. Funded by a grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the grant (also known as a 319 Grant) is the result of several years of hard work by Cold Stream Camp Owners’ Association (CSCOA) members, starting with a watershed survey in 2010. The purpose of the project is to protect and improve Cold Stream Pond water quality by reducing sediment that delivers phosphorus to the lake.

Total funding will be $94,295. A little more than half of this amount will come from the EPA. The rest will be in the form of both cash and “in-kind” services. The CSCOA will provide the largest share-- $17,171, half cash and half in-kind. The rest, primarily donated labor, will come from The Penobscot County Soil and Water Conservation District (PCSWCD), Town of Enfield, Town of Lincoln, and Gardner Logging Services. Individual camp owners can also contribute through cost sharing for shore land buffer projects, either through dollars or labor and materials. The project began in May with the first meeting of a steering committee that will oversee implementation. Amy Polyot of the PCSWD will serve as project manager.

Camp owners around Cold Stream Pond have received information on how to apply for funding to implement conservation measures on their property. Practices eligible for cost-sharing will include establishing buffer vegetation, dripline trenches, dry wells, erosion control mulching, infiltration steps, pathways, plunge pools, reshaping of driveways, turnouts, bank stabilization, rip-rapping, open-top culverts, and other best management practices (BMPs).

Funding from the grant will cover up to 75% of the cost of the conservation measures at each property. Land owners will be responsible for providing a match of at least 25%. Highest priority for receiving grant funding will go to properties identified as sites that have the greatest potential for reducing sediment run-off into the lake. Visits by certified LakeSmart volunteers will be used to develop site-specific plans and rank the sites.

Also under the grant, the CSCOA will expand implementation of the LakeSmart program which began in in 2015. At the request of landowners, certified volunteer screeners will visit lakeside properties to evaluate the property’s ability to prevent sediment and other pollution from entering the lake. A detailed list of recommendations and appropriate BMPs will be provided to each landowner following the visit.

Camp owners on Cold Stream Pond can email Laurie Fenwood at LakeSmart@fenwood.org to schedule a visit. Camp owners on other lakes can contact the Maine Lakes Society (mshannon@mainelakesociety.org) about setting up a LakeSmart program for their lake.

Work on high-priority road improvement projects has also begun. These will include reshaping, armoring, and vegetating ditches; stabilizing culvert inlets and outlets with stone; installing check dams and plunge pools; creating turn-outs and diversions; and re-shaping and crowning.

Implementation of the grant will occur over the next two years, with projects planned for Enfield, Lincoln, and Lowell. Updates will soon be available on the CSCOA web site (coldstreampond.com), which is undergoing a major redesign. Camp owners or road associations around Cold Stream Pond interested in proposing a cost-share project or submitting a road project for funding should email the CSCOA at inbox@coldstreampond.com.

2017 Boat Parade Theme : Island Luau

Published: July 11, 2017

By Cold Stream Camp Owners' Association

Eight boats arrayed in Pacific Island finery paraded from Webb Cove, past shore-side onlookers, to land at Gray's Beach for an ice cream social. Robert and Beth Enochs (Boat 9) took top honors this year. Boat 7 with David and Nicole Sandilands took second place honors. Peg and Ben Smith on Boat 11 placed third.

Many thanks to the Cyr Family for the ice cream and to the Robinsons for allowing the use of their property. Anne Hall gets credit for organizing the event. And everyone else gets a great big participation trophy for having so much Island spirit!

See more photos on the Photos page.

2017 Food Sale

Published: July 10, 2017

By Cold Stream Camp Owners' Association

By the time the last whoopie pie and Cold Stream tote bag headed out the door of the Enfield Senior Center, $2,352.50 had been taken in by the volunteers staffing the annual food sale. Proceeds from the sale will help us fund the Cold Stream Pond Watershed Protection Project that will be implemented over the next two years. Thanks to everyone who donated food and other items.

Loon and Salmon Club Members

Published: July 10, 2017

By Cold Stream Camp Owners' Association

Thanks to everyone whose extra membership donations qualify them for the Salmon ($50.00) or Loon ($100) clubs. Salmon Club members will be recognized with a a thank you card featuring a reproduction of a watercolor by Laurie Fenwood. Loon Club members will receive loon plaque carved by Ski Winter.

Loon Club

  • Joe and Jane Brann
  • Bill and Sue Brown
  • David and Laura Cook
  • Joe and Suzanne Cyr
  • Jim and Laurie Fenwood
  • John Gaetani and Anne Hall
  • Calista and Earle Hannigan
  • Kann and House
  • Paul and Tracy Kelly
  • Jeff and Tammy Mills
  • Tom and Gayle Quirk
  • Ben and Peggy Smith
  • Donna and George Thomas
  • Ted and Beth Thomas
  • James and Carrie Whitney
  • Tim and Kathy Folster
  • James Sargent

Salmon Club

  • Edward and Faye Brown
  • Michael Cyr
  • Suzanne and Joe Cyr
  • Tom and Gayle Quirk
  • John and Pat Shedd
  • Brenda Thornton
  • Theresa Rossell
  • Weymouth Pines Limited
  • Marilyn Dolan