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Covid 19 Tips From the Maine Lakes Society

by Cold Stream Camp Owners' Association
Published May 4, 2020

Plan Ahead for Your Arrival: Current Maine guidelines require those arriving from out of state to self-quarantine for two weeks upon arrival. Be sure you shop ahead and bring food and other necessities with you to last during quarantine. This will avoid you having to break quarantine.

Precautions: Our friends at The Nature Conservancy have helped put the recommended six feet of physical distance in perspective. If you need a face mask (recommended by the U.S. CDC), check with your town or church for local sources.

Shopping in Maine: Most general stores and many restaurants take online or phone orders, accept credit cards, and bring groceries, meals and other items out to your car. It is a great time to support our local businesses! Hannaford and Walmart have online ordering for drive-through grocery pick-up. Look online or call your local store for more information.

Let Neighbors Know: Let your neighbors know when you arrive, and tell them you plan to self-quarantine for two weeks. They’ll appreciate your community awareness and may be able to help get you through quarantine.

Boat Pick-up and Launch: Call well in advance to arrange for boat pick-up, and practice physical distancing at launch sites. Friday afternoon through Sunday morning is often the busiest time at launches; avoid these hours and find a quiet interval for this premier rite of summer.

Stay Informed: The governor and the Maine CDC provide daily briefings about Covid-19 ( Each Maine town has a health officer. Check with yours for the latest conditions in your area. Check back at Maine Lakes ( for lake-related COVID updates.

And One Last Word From Us: Maine is a State of Mind as much as a physical place. A sense of community and caring for one’s neighbor are as tangible to Mainers as the pine covered hills and granite boulders surrounding our sparking lakes. When you arrive this year and reach out to your neighbors, and as you support your local suppliers and helpers, you’ll be weaving the spell that makes this place like no other. Thank you for choosing to be part of it. We are glad you’ve arrived

“…and from then on, none of us ever thought there was any place in the world like that lake in Maine” - EB White, Once More to the Lake

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